Hiero and the Happy Accident?

My first painting of Hiero was going quite well but on my final glaze it went a bit too dark. When stripping back the glaze I decided that I was liking the eroded effect. Now I am working back into the painting to find a happy balance.

Double Image

I have started playing with double portraits using glass as a way to layer one image over another.  This was inspired by looking into the double glazing on the Picadilly Line. This is my first experiment but I really want to try full body, life sized portraits. I have made a frame for this one, that's quite unusual for me.

Mask Project Continues

I am working on my second mask in my collaboration with Rachel Freire. This time I am using a leather cast of Fiona's face to paint on. We are now talking about using gold leaf on them maybe?

Paintings Evolution

The paintings are starting to take shape now. This is when the paintings are at their most exciting, so much potential, who knows what will happen. When they are finished they become immediately boring. I have started covering the finished paintings in muslin.

Priming then Sanding then Priming and then Sanding again

I have started three new paintings. It took four whole days of priming and sanding to get them ready to paint. I hope it has been worth it.

Princess Julia

I am trying to finish this portrait of Julia for the BP Portrait Award. I only have just over a month to produce a life sized, full length portrait of her. Here are some shots of the paintings progress.