The Disappearance of Hiero Black

I'm currently painting over two perfectly-painted pictures of Hiero. For as long as I can remember, I have been attempting to paint perfect realism; now I find myself tired of seeing everything in such sharp relief. It's challenging to destroy something that you have spent so long trying to achieve, but in fact quite cathartic.

They may just disappear entirely.

Hiero in Stereo

I have made a box in exaggerated perspective and drew a grid on the inside. I then printed out tiny Hiero's which I placed at different depths within the box. Then I photographed the box in stereo, hoping that the grid inside the box would aid the stereoscopic effect. It did.

Hiero and the Happy Accident?

My first painting of Hiero was going quite well but on my final glaze it went a bit too dark. When stripping back the glaze I decided that I was liking the eroded effect. Now I am working back into the painting to find a happy balance.