The Many Layers of Goliath

I have passed the midway point with this painting and it's starting to feel like i'm getting somewhere. There are so many different variables when painting on glass in layers, one of the most annoying of them all is the fact that the glass has a greenish hue to it. The more layers you add, the more green it gets. This means you have to add more magenta glazes to the back panels to counteract the effect. I can't wait to add the final details to each pane.

The Disappearance of Hiero Black

I'm currently painting over two perfectly-painted pictures of Hiero. For as long as I can remember, I have been attempting to paint perfect realism; now I find myself tired of seeing everything in such sharp relief. It's challenging to destroy something that you have spent so long trying to achieve, but in fact quite cathartic.

They may just disappear entirely.

Hiero and the Happy Accident?

My first painting of Hiero was going quite well but on my final glaze it went a bit too dark. When stripping back the glaze I decided that I was liking the eroded effect. Now I am working back into the painting to find a happy balance.

Paintings Evolution

The paintings are starting to take shape now. This is when the paintings are at their most exciting, so much potential, who knows what will happen. When they are finished they become immediately boring. I have started covering the finished paintings in muslin.

Priming then Sanding then Priming and then Sanding again

I have started three new paintings. It took four whole days of priming and sanding to get them ready to paint. I hope it has been worth it.

The Painting of Crown

I felt like I needed to celebrate the changing of Fiona's hair colour. It's very important to have a muse update every so often.

Princess Julia

I am trying to finish this portrait of Julia for the BP Portrait Award. I only have just over a month to produce a life sized, full length portrait of her. Here are some shots of the paintings progress.

studio back online / ffwd progress

Ben Ashton broadcasting live from The Bloomsbury Studio ...broadcasting again live from The Bloomsbury Studio, via UStream.  Documenting progress in advance of 2011 collection at Simon Oldfield Gallery.



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