album artwork

Sightings of Rag n Bone Man 'Human' Posters

Extremely impressed with the media campaign for Human, these posters sprung up overnight all over the country. I love how they let the image speak for itself with very little written information, the mystery surrounding this campaign should draw the public in with curiosity. I'm very proud to be part of this project.  Click the images to see them larger.

Rag n Bone Man and the painting of Human

I have recently been commissioned to paint an entire album campaign for the artist Rag n Bone Man. This will include 3 singles (so far) and an album, and the artwork will probably be available as merch, too.

The concept for the campaign is to slowly reveal Rory as the person behind the music, starting with his hands. I have always found painting tattooed skin challenging as the ink must appear to be under the skin and not painted on top...what fun!