David Krane and the three layers of perspex

Recently I undertook a project in which I created a portrait of Silicon Valley investor David Krane. I decided to use this project as a way to push my glass work further.

Instead of using transparent glass, I used frosted perspex. On each layer I painted different areas in space, ie. shoulders on the back layer, collar and hair on next and the face on the front. As the photo I was working from had a shallow depth of field, this approach seemed to work extremely well.

I experimented with many aspects of this project, such as the spacing of the layers for optimum effect, and along the way I realised the unique value of rear lighting a painting.

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Goliath and his Layers

This shows the building up of layers that make the 3D face. It will be an arduous task working on these 11 layers individually but, even at this early stage, Goliath has real presence. Not sure whether I want to keep the layers separated, as they are, or sandwich the glass together as a single unit.  I will have plenty of time to consider this.


Double Image

I have started playing with double portraits using glass as a way to layer one image over another.  This was inspired by looking into the double glazing on the Picadilly Line. This is my first experiment but I really want to try full body, life sized portraits. I have made a frame for this one, that's quite unusual for me.