Priming then Sanding then Priming and then Sanding again

I have started three new paintings. It took four whole days of priming and sanding to get them ready to paint. I hope it has been worth it.

Casting Fiona

I took my first cast for the Death Mask project today. Now I will pass this plaster cast on to Rachel Freire to cast it in leather.

Show and Tell with Stephen Ellis of Revere

Stephen popped by today to check out his likeness. I stole the image from a photo shoot of his band Revere that was shot by my lovely wife Fiona Garden.  

Death Mask Project

I have started a new collaboration with the very talented Rachel Freire. She is moulding body parts out of leather for me to paint on. It seemed the natural evolution for my Study is Final project. Here is what it looks like when you project my face onto a mannequin mask. 

The Painting of Crown

I felt like I needed to celebrate the changing of Fiona's hair colour. It's very important to have a muse update every so often.

Princess Julia

I am trying to finish this portrait of Julia for the BP Portrait Award. I only have just over a month to produce a life sized, full length portrait of her. Here are some shots of the paintings progress.

Fiona in Ink

I have been enjoying working in pen recently. My paintings take so long to execute so I find it incredibly satisfying finishing a drawing in a day. 


Taking photos for my new series of work. These new paintings will focus around the importance of the study, elevating the humble study to the relevance of a final painting.